İzmir Institute of Technology offers advanced education, training, production, publication, and consultancy in the fields of science and technology with its “quality-oriented” governance structure. The basic principles that form the backbone of quality-oriented governance are as follows:

  • Ensuring the satisfaction of internal and external stakeholders,
  • Agile and process-oriented operations management,
  • Developing continuous improvement and perfection processes,
  • Value-oriented use of corporate resources,
  • Multi-stakeholder performance assessment.

The mission of the Institute is to conduct advanced research as well as education, training, production, publication, and consultancy in the fields of science and technology.

Our vision is to be a science and technology pioneer and be a unique university of education at the global level.

Our expanded values according to the fundamental strategic axes that make up the IZTECH Vision are as follows; Leading the way in spreading the high technology in the national priority areas, protecting the environment and sustainability in human-friendly development, providing a unique and qualified contribution to digital transformation and technological transformation by supplying collaborative, student-oriented and applied learning opportunities in the working environment, and remaining in the position of respect as a research university in thematic fields.

Quality Assurance System

Izmir İnstitute of Technology (IZTECH) bases all its activities that form its institutional backbone on a quality assurance-oriented governance approach related to scientific research, innovation ecosystem, education, corporate development, and social contribution axes.

The basic principles constituting IZTECH's quality assurance-oriented governance approach are determined as stated below:

  1. Ensuring the participation and satisfaction of internal and external stakeholders,
  2. Agile and process-oriented management,
  3. Developing continuous improvement and perfection processes,
  4. Value-oriented use of corporate resources,
  5. Multi-stakeholder performance assessment

IZTECH takes decisions and manages its processes within the framework of these principles in all its activities.

The priority of IZTECH in education policies is to train its graduates as individuals who have the competence to make a difference at the national and international level and who can keep up with the rapidly advancing technology and science world of the 21st century. Apart from supporting research and education environments that add value, are creative, and give priority to the imagination, IZTECH also gives importance to intellectual rights and freedoms. Including education, IZTECH carries out all its activities within the framework of ethical values on the basis of social, environmental, and corporate responsibility awareness.

IZTECH regards obtaining internationally valid accreditation approvals in all its programs as an important element of its education policy. Thanks to its growing reputation and agreements signed with academic institutions of developed countries, increasing the flow of academicians and students, enriching the curricula of all programs with dynamic content that can meet the renewed requirements of the age by carrying out educational activities of educators, including academics with international experience in their field are important elements of IZTECH's education policy. IZTECH analyzes the quality of education and related research activities based on international criteria and conducts its evaluations on the basis of merit-based appointment and promotion processes.

In a way that provides students with teamwork skills and contributes to their analytical and research-oriented learning; IZTECH’s laboratories and research centers are equipped with high-tech devices, active learning and project-based curriculum, a new generation library, instant access to up-to-date information in the world, and a competent Technopark, and its affiliated ecosystem that provide an atmosphere of innovation for entrepreneurs are the tools that enable IZTECH to achieve its goals in education policies. IZTECH also aims to popularize the modern techniques of the distance education model, which has become an indispensable element of competition in higher education. With the digital infrastructure opportunities, it has created, IZTECH handles the issue of learning by reinforcing and the model of learning to learn as an important part of its education policy.

Knowing it is a research university and in line with its mission of being the “science and technology base” of the region, IZTECH develops and implements its research policy with an understanding that will continuously improve and keep its research infrastructure, and human resources at the highest level. Thus, it aims to increase its international recognition and competitiveness by producing information at a universal level. It adopts creating a positive competitive environment by encouraging “interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary” studies and international cooperation in its research policies. Reaching the most advanced and highest quality in both research infrastructure/technologies and research-oriented human resources also continuously improving these resources with merit-based evaluation systems form the basis of IZTECH's research policy.

IZTECH aims to be a center of excellence for students, academics, and entrepreneurs with its TTO and Technopark, which creates an innovative research ecosystem, by establishing modern research centers. These centers’ purpose is to host research to have an impact on the scientific world, by adding researchers with strong international relations to its family. While proceeding in this direction, IZTECH monitors its performance according to internationally accepted criteria and designs and manages the processes required to improve its indicators.

IZTECH designs and performs each of the functions of education, research, and interaction with society, which are the three main fields of activity of universities, in a way to make the highest contribution to society. The definition, content, classification, and measurement of the concept of “Social Contribution” in IZTECH are handled within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNDP Sustainable Development Goals). The 17 Sustainable Development Goals specified in this framework also reveal the framework and depth of the Social Contribution approach at our Institute.

As a research university, IZTECH makes its most significant contribution to society by producing scientific findings, new technologies, and innovations within the framework of research outputs. While determining the research focus areas and transferring its resources to the research processes, it acts to create the highest contribution to science, humanity, our country, and our immediate environment. It supports the open access philosophy in accessing information and supports different community units to benefit from the information resources produced and available at IZTECH.

IZTECH operates in a way that makes the highest contribution to various segments of society, especially the business and industry world, with the graduates it has trained and the pieces of training it gives to external stakeholders through the Continuing Education Center (İYTE-SEM). It contributes to scientific and technological initiatives that will benefit society, thanks to the testing and analysis services it provides to other universities and public/private institutions and organizations through its research and application centers within IZTECH.

Among the interface organizations that IZTECH tries to contribute by interacting directly with different segments of society, in addition to its academic units, Social Responsibility Coordinatorship, Technopark Izmir, Technology Transfer Office, IZTECH-SEM, IZTECH Library, Alumni Office, International Relations Office, Press and Public Relations Coordinatorship, Social Assistance, and Solidarity Unit and Student Clubs. Through all these units, IZTECH aims to make a meaningful contribution to different segments of society in the fields of science, technology, culture, art and social assistance by interacting with the business and industry world and other segments of society without discrimination against religion, language, culture, gender, age, and ethnicity.

IZTECH is based on a transparent, accountable, fair, participatory, merit-based, and sustainable management system with an understanding based on universal criteria while structuring its management and administrative units and managing resources. In all these processes, IZTECH takes and executes decisions with the active participation of its internal and external stakeholders.

IZTECH attaches importance to data-based decision-making processes in order to increase the quality and effectiveness of decisions and actions in the management system and aims to establish and develop a holistic information management system in this direction. It is based on approaches and principles that consider the effective use of resources, transparency, and environmental factors in the management of procurement processes.

To ensure continuous improvement in all its academic and administrative management processes, IZTECH adopts an innovative corporate culture, developing the competence and capacity of existing units, and to fully implementing the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle.

Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH) is an internationally recognized and respected academic institution, and it carries out its activities with all its units on an international platform with an understanding that takes initiative. The fact that 100% of the education is carried out in English in all its programs is an indication of the importance that IZTECH attaches to internationalization. The policy determined by IZTECH to maintain and further develop its international recognition includes a multidimensional internationalization approach.

In this sense, IZTECH considers (1) completing quality cycles and being at the forefront in education and research activities by giving priority to international accreditation, rating and evaluation processes, (2) creating a multicultural campus environment by increasing the ratio of international students and academics, (3) developing the social and cultural infrastructure for international students and academics, (4) maximizing its international participation by establishing international partnerships with its academic and administrative units and taking active roles in the top institutions formed by different universities and institutes, (5) being visible in academic environments and science diplomacy by assuming founding and similar active roles in international organizations, (6) increasing the accumulation of international experience by strongly supporting participation in student and academician exchange programs, (7) developing the accumulation that will benefit from international funds at the highest level in order to improve the existing research and education infrastructure and (8) establishing balanced relations with every country and culture without making any distinction between region, country and policy while developing international relations as the basic elements of its internationalization policy.

IZTECH also attaches importance to digitalization in its internationalization activities, considering the fact that the higher education system cannot remain independent of international influences and international competition in the digital age we live in.

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